Our Story

As the leader in retail lighting solutions, we are committed to providing you with our broad industry experience and advanced technologies — ensuring you get the very best lighting solution.

We’re part of Australian’s most innovative and comprehensive lighting group — Gerard Lighting. With it, are Pierlite, Sylvania, Crompton, Diginet, Concord, and Austube. Our ability to draw upon decades of lighting experience from these like-minded companies enables us to offer the best, bespoke lighting solutions, whilst still offering a competitive price.

Through our partnerships with specialised, expert manufacturers across Asia and Europe, we remain at the forefront of lighting innovation and technology. This allows us to remain future-focused to ensure you’re provided with the latest in lighting technology.

We understand the fast-paced nature of the retail industry and the importance of an on-time, minimal disruption service. We are continually focused on delivering positive outcomes for our diverse range of clients, whilst still offering value-added solutions and services. Our portfolio of trusted brands, combined with the national reach of our service and delivery capabilities, means we are uniquely positioned to assist our customer’s national projects.

The Team

Tim Hanson, Design Manager
Tim Hanson
Design Manager
Patty Tartaglia, Senior Lighting Design Specialist
Patty Tartaglia
Senior Lighting Design Specialist
Tracy Galbraith, Business Development Manager
Tracy Galbraith
Business Development Manager
Liliana Canizares, Lighting Designer
Liliana Canizares
Lighting Designer
Trevor Baker, Project Manager
Trevor Baker
Project Manager
Ting Hu, Project Coordinator
Ting Hu
Project Coordinator
Leigh McHenry, Project Coordinator
Leigh McHenry
Project Coordinator

Our Clients